Thoughts on Unemployment

Arkansas unemployment is at a 4. 6% as of January 2021, the National unemployment rate is 5.8 meanwhile in Japan the national unemployment rate is 2.8. Japan has a population over 126 million that is a larger difference compared to our 3 million here in Arkansas. We have a smaller population with a larger amount unemployed this is unacceptable, we have to take action to correct the problem.

The way we correct the issue is by making the process to get unemployment and keeping it easier. We do this so those who are unemployed can spend more time looking for work and less time trying to survive. The first step is by eliminating the wait time by requiring all employers to fill out a standard form verifying that an employee has in fact that an employee is no longer employed.

This form is handed to the employee at the time of termination/quits or mailed out within 24 hours. The employee takes the form to the unemployment office and the employees unemployment can be processed without delay. This form will not have a place for a reason because under Arkansas right to work laws does not require a reason to terminate employees. Thus the unemployment office also does not need to know a reason for termination.

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