Arkansas ICU Bed Shortage

They keep announcing that there's no open beds for covid patients in Arkansas I know for a fact there's a hospital in Hot springs Arkansas that the state of Arkansas closed recently is the old army hospital It can be used again as a hospital. The state still has the lease on it. It has 500 beds as well as other buildings that could be converted to usable space. Because it's not that modern you could transport patience who are in hospitals for other things that don't require the modern fixings to minimize the amount of stuff you have to purchase to modernize the hospital, we could transfer some modern equipment from other ERs to modernize some part of the hospital. There are three other hospitals in Hot springs that have all the modern equipment and necessities to accommodate and expand their space for ICU patients. ICU patients are usually transferred to other hospitals anyway. I have a friend who’s an engineer from Sri Lanka who built a working ventilator from spare parts if he has access to the necessary funds and a team I am sure he can make more and make them hospital safe we can also use some of the old manufacturing plants in the state I talk about in my plans for taxes and unemployment and crank out ventilators.

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