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William "Bill" E. Gates JR announces candidacy

July 17, 2021

Bill E Gates JR of Little Rock announced today that he will be running for the governor of Arkansas in the gubernatorial election of November 2022, Gates has been the senior pastor at the church of Christian Jewish Freedom since 2010 as well as a pillar to his community. 

“My name Is Pastor William E Gates JR (Bill Gates), and I am running for Governor of Arkansas 2022 as an Independent. I believe that the best hope for Arkansas future. My focus is to help put Arkansas as a national leader in Education, Industrial growth, Environmental consciousness and practice. We need unity and not division.  We need to restore In God we Trust. We need to destroy the racial divide in this country once and for all. Some how we have forgotten Dr. Kings dream of equality and lost sight of what direction we as a nation should be headed. We cannot focus on changing the past if we wish to move forward, we most focus on the future. Where all races religion and creed and genders can say they are proud to be an Arkansan.”

Are you tired of the current two-party system? Are you tired of division? Are you tired of a broken unemployment system? Are you tired of those needing help not being able to get it while it seams those who abuse the system are the only ones who benefit from it?

 “I will serve the people of Arkansas to the best of my ability to make the Natural State a better and safer place to live.” I pledge t give a % of my Salary back to the people and not to non-Profits

Gates sides with Governor

On Mask Mandate


“I agree we with Governor Hutchinson we as a state need to focus on getting more Arkansans vaccinated. It is my opinion that Arkansas needs to remain mandate free. I believe that the numbers are off on the effectiveness of the mask mandate since they were in place while most of the business and schools were shutdown and curfews were put in place.
This may have helped slow the spread, but it wrecked the economy.  We cannot force anyone to wear a mask anymore then we can force them to stay at home. If you want to wear a mask or force your children to wear one that is your right and prerogative. America was founded on freedom of choice; I believe to keep the traditions of America we have to remain mandate free and allow each individual to choose what’s best for their situation and family.”