Making a Difference

To donate by mail, please make checks payable to Bill for Governor,


please include in your envelope your name address, employer and occupation and mail to:

Bill for Governor
PO Box 3021
Little Rock, AR 72223


 Arkansas law


Requires the collection and reporting of the names, address, employer and occupation for each contributor.


  • Individuals may take a tax credit on Arkansas tax returns, up to a total of $50 per individual for political contributions made each year.

  • Contributions from corporations are not permitted.

  • Foreign nationals are prohibited from contributing

  • Limits contributions to $5,600 per election cycle. Each individual, political party committee, legislative caucus committee or approved political action committee may contribute up to $2,800 for the primary election and $2,800 for the general election -- for a total of $5,600.

  • labor unions, federal contractors are also prohibited from making contributions

Federal Law 

 Contributions are not tax deductible for Federal income tax purposes.