Why Me?

A vote for me is a vote for a better Arkansas

My name is Bill Gates Jr I am Running for Governor of Arkansas as an independent because I am sick and tired of the far left and the far right imposing their wills on the people of Arkansas. This state is not a battlefield for them to hash out their war and hatred for each other.  We’re not given a choice to make decisions that affect our daily lives.

I have heard the battle cry and the call to arms. We must defend our state we must defend our nation. Someone must be able to stand up and to say no to the President, regardless of who sits in the chair.

We need someone loyal to what is best for all of us and not what is best for their party. We need someone who supports our civil service workers, hospital workers and all Arkansans. We need to defend the constitution and the rights listed within it.

We need someone as our governor with a spine that is willing to stand up for what is best for Arkansas with no political agenda or biased alliance.


I have been broke, unemployed, lived paycheck to paycheck. I have seen many things and worked in many fields, and I assure you I know what you all are going through. I know your struggles and I have a plan to help you all. We are in this state together no matter how you vote and at the end of the day no matter who wins we need to make sure that its someone who knows what is needed and required to help Make Arkansas better for everyone to have a brighter tomorrow.


As governor I might not be able to defend America and its borders, but I will do my best to defend this great state and all the people in it.

How can a person help the homeless if they have never been homeless?  How can a person help the poor if they have never been poor? How can a person help the middle class if they have never had to live paycheck to paycheck? How can they fix the broken legal system if they have never seen the injustice?


 How can you improve the lives of Arkansans if you do not personally know their struggles? I have been there done that bought the t-shirt left it there went back and bought it again. I assure you I learned from it.


My name Is Bill Gates Jr and with your help

WE can Make Arkansas Better Together?