Why I am running

I was Born in Wichita Kansas. I was raised In the Arkansas River Valley, and I am a proud graduate of Mansfield Highschool and the University of Arkansas Pulaski Technical College. I am currently attending Georgetown University online. I am currently living in Little Rock where I have lived since 2009.


As a child I was placed in the care of Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services (Foster Care). My experience in the system was such a nightmare I plan to do all he can to improve the system for all children. To include making the adoption process easier for children to find the loving home they deserve. I also plan to help eliminate the chance of a child being returned to a family who is only going to further harm them.


In my lifetime I have been homeless and gone without eating and therefor I am the most qualified to help those who are without. I have been one of those parents who faced having their electric shut off and had to call the utility company crying and begging them to keep the Utilities on.


I have had to stand in the unemployment line on more than one occasion in my life. Having dealt with this process firsthand I believe that I am the most qualified to know where the systems are broken how they can be Improved.


Having worked with educators for a few years I have observed their struggles. I have gained Input and a few friends along the way. This has given me insight to be able to help improve the education system for all educators., and by improving the system for educators, it will also improve the system for the students. If our teachers have the funding and resources that they need they can better educate their students.


I have also worked alongside Special Education teachers as a lead instructor granted, I was just a Substitute teacher, but I witnessed firsthand the need for improvements and have gained important insight on how to make their jobs easier

I have worked in many different school districts as a substitute teacher, and I have learned that there is no set state standard as far as there pay goes according to ziprecruiter the range of pay goes from $13,659 -$37,893. There should be a set minimum pay they all do the same job they should all be decently compensated.  I am not saying those who make more should be paid less but I believe that those being paid less should be paid more.


 I have worked for and lived off minimum wage and I know how important it is for it to be increased. I also know that it does not matter what the minimum wage is if we do not place a price cap on merchandise it will make no difference if the wage is $15 or $100


I have had the privilege to speak with many law-enforcement officers across the state. Sometime in a capacity of them doing their job and sometimes just because I decided to pick up their tab. I know from their own words and from my own eyes the stress and strains they go through. This has given me many ideas on how to improve their lives and their jobs.  I will also say that some police officers are very good at giving advice if you’re going through your own personal hell.